Data Center



The data center is relied upon to provide fast, scalable, secure, and efficient business services. It must accommodate increasing computing, data volume, security, and storage all while maintaining impeccable service levels.


The data center is at the forefront of virtualization, redundancy, automation and cloud computing, all of which provide opportunities to ease the cost burden of running a traditional physical infrastructure.


Cynertek Solutions can assist you in transforming your data center into the strategic corporate asset that it needs to be. Here's how: 

  • Next Generation Technologies (SDN, SD-WAN)

  • Maintenance and Operational Support Services

  • Data Center Networking

  • Facilities and Energy Efficiency 

  • Data Center Consolidation, Integration and Augmentation 

  • Site Relocation

  • Storage and Data 

  • Application Load Balancing

  • Cloud Integration

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